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Clever Living - Solutions & Actions for Net Zero Emissions Post Covid-19 - Shared screen with speaker view
Karen Lamb
I had to input my email address and my own Zoom password (hard to remember!). It said this was to ensure paid up/authorised attendees only. Not a huge problem for me, but unexpected I think :)
Sal Fisher
So exciting to hear that most of businesses are on board !
Suzie Brown
Host can mute everyone
Sal Fisher
So many win-win opportunities are now possible, we no longer have any economic hurdles which is so exciting !!!!
Vicki, Geelong Sustainability
Please add your questions to the chat here
Peter Danaher
we heard from Alan Finkal that gas was essential for in getting to zero emissions in 4 corners on Monday. how does this relate to what is said here
Sanja Van Huet
I want to ask some clarification of the slides 1. Agriculture and land - is this current retention of carbon sink or future development? 2 engineered wood products - how does this relate to reducing CO2? 3. new renewables cheaper - is this after infrastructure construction or after.
Sal Fisher
Nice that AEMO says that those renewable targets are achievable if we fix the grid and energy markets rule etc.
Jim Mason
Hi everyone. Thanks Vicki
Sanja Van Huet
CoGG councilors on line now - please take note of this!!!!!
Sal Fisher
Its fabulous the Councillors have joined us, big welcome to them :)
Meg Watkins
Yes Sanja, hopefully they’re taking this on board!
Peter Murrihy
Thanks Sanja and Sal. Thanks Vicki for the invite.
Anthony Aitken
Vicki - Steph just gave her apology she has just finished a briefing - Council website and IT is down this afternoon and tonight
Sal Fisher
Building it right from the start is critical, but we also need to fix up a lot of old clunkers in the meantime...
Sal Fisher
Who's next car will be an EV ??
Karen Lamb
mine :)
Sanja Van Huet
planning on it!
Jo Centra
me too!
Vicki, Geelong Sustainability
me too!
Sarah Treacy
We already drive a fully electric vehicle powered by our solar panels! Love our car! So quiet.
Kathleen Rix
would love to move away from car altogether, or at least move from 2 to 1 car household
Sal Fisher
The transition to cheap renewable energy could be what saves Aus industry eg Alcoa
Sanja Van Huet
The best scenario would be technology to upgrade current fuel vehicles to be fully electric … although you can upgrade new cars - you cant do it with older cars .. which means slower uptake of EV vehicles due to cost (it is a privilege) or dumping of 1000000s of cars for purchase of new...
Vicki, Geelong Sustainability
More public transport from the Bellarine and a bike share scheme
Jim Mason
Thank you Cameron. I would like a copy of the presentation.
Sal Fisher
Love to see Geelong diversify its economy and get some of those industries back
Sanja Van Huet
There is so much scope for CoGG to be the Australian showcase for sustainability and environment.
Meg Watkins
There is an easy solution to removing emissions from animal agriculture.. move to a plant-based diet..?
Sal Fisher
Plant rich diet/stop food waste are also a big part of this. But good grazing systems can drawdown carbon too.
Meg Watkins
Why drawdown when we can eliminate? ;)
Sanja Van Huet
Carbon Elimination and 100% vegan Australia are not realistic... not everyone want to participate in these actions … we need to provide options for everyone.
Sarah Mansfield
What are the best measures you have seen local governments take to assist the broader community to reduce emissions (ie not just their own operations)?
Jo Centra
Pls discuss the role of divestment for individuals, thanks so much
Jim Mason
Green hydrogen is a very interesting store of renewable electricity. Japan is starting to run its heavy industry on Hydrogen. What constraints do you see?>
Suzie Brown
What are the best opportunities you can recommend for Geelong industries to embrace low carbon technologies and new industries? How can we shift old polluting industries here?
Aaron Wolski
I agree Sal, I’m very interested in finding the opportunities that make sense for the Geelong community, which support redeployment of people from vacated industries. With so many options on the table, which ones provide the best impact vs the investment?
Rob Anderson
In looking at this it doesn't give the impression we face a Climate Emergency. Given Australia's small contribution to overall global emissions, what does ClimateWorks feel are our main technology/other leadership roles we can play to impact this global problem.
Andrea Pape
I'm interested in that too - impact vs investment. We've seen a sectoral breakdown in this presentation. How can we apply that to our LGA to start to map out the measures that will create the largest abatement?
Jim Mason
All coal and other fossil operations are subsidised unless they pay for the removal of the CO2 pollution
Sanja Van Huet
I want to ask some clarification of the slides new renewables cheaper - is this after infrastructure construction or after.
Sarah Mansfield
Sorry, was just trying to unmute!
Sarah Mansfield
But that did cover my question
Sal Fisher
Question for Councillors : Could CoGG get an economic analysis done of the job opportunities available to Geelong from making the energy transition initiatives as proposed ?
Sarah Mansfield
This would be a good task for Future Proofing Geelong (or whatever this group becomes - we are currently revising its make up, function etc with the aim of creating a body that can focus on climate action in partnership with other key stakeholders and the community, and then provide advice to council).
Sarah Treacy
Thanks Cameron and Climate Works for pointing out what we can actually achieve in Australia. I hope Geelong can lead the way in heading to zero emissions! Have to leave now, but hope to be part of the change. Stay healthy.
Sarah Mansfield
It is also worth looking at the new Local Government Act, which explicitly states that action on climate change is a responsibility of Local Government.
Sal Fisher
Thanks Sarah, this is a critical part of changing the story for our future.
Sal Fisher
We have a great network of Councils here called G21, it is possible to look at this as a region Cameron I think.
Sanja Van Huet
This would be a great initiative.
Jim Mason
Social Housing. Community electricity. Public Transport - much comes back to economy of scale and government
Andrea Pape
I think there's an information barrier there, because the return on investment for solar is usually far higher than the cost of capital (eg the interest you pay on your mortgage). It makes financial sense to draw on your mortgage to pay for solar because it pays off the interest and capital. Renters are in a different position though. EUA for residential might be a solution.
Sal Fisher
Thanks Cameron, very productive and thought provoking presenatation. We have a bright future if we take the opportunities in front of us.
Peter Cook
In terms of individual actions and emissions savings, avoiding one Europe return flight is about 5 times more effective than either a plant based diet or driving an electric car.
Suzie Brown
Agree totally Anthony!
Suzie Brown
We need to work harder on public transport.
Andrea Pape
Thanks Cameron and GS for organising this. Really interesting!
Whilst I is great that new sustainable products and initiatives are available however my concern is by perpetually upgrading it creates even more rubbish etc.
Meg Watkins
Thanks Cameron — as a young person this is the first time I’ve felt hopeful about our environmental future in quite some time!
Sanja Van Huet
Thank you to the Councilors who have attended.